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The mission of American International Montessori is found in the words of Dr. Maria Montessori, [“to educate the human potential.”] We believe with Dr. Montessori that the “task of the child is the formation of man, oriented to his environment, adapted to his time, place and culture.”  This formation of man, when seen in the global perspective, will consist of diversity and multiculturalism. It is clear to us that our children’s future will be more diverse in the people with whom they will live, work, play, and form family and


friends. This global village will favour citizens who are comfortable operating in culturally and economically diverse environments and can speak in multiple languages At AIM our goal is to assist our students in learning to communicate functionally and effectively in English and Mandarin or Japanese. Within this unique bilingual learning environment, each child can discover his or her innate desire to learn, enabling them at their own pace and reach their highest academic potential. Our mission is to develop confident, multicultural, multilingual IMG_0208children who respect diversity and community and who are caring, capable, enthusiastic, and committed to a lifetime of learning.